Logansport, the “Gateway to Louisiana” and “Sand Bass Capital of the World”
And it’s a great place to live!

The Logansport City Cemetery was established in 1882, as a result of the request of Robert Henry Alton. He asked that when he left this earth, that he be buried on the hill, near the babbling brook. The family honored his wishes and a cemetery was established around his gravesite and remains in use today.

Mr. Robert Henry Alston and his wife, Mary Ann Susan Coday Alston, who died in 1933, are buried on the east side of the cemetery near the little brook that forms the eastern boundary. Many of the Town of Logansport’s notable families are buried in this cemetery. Our past Mayor, Dennis Freeman, is buried here on the hill overlooking the Dennis Freeman Memorial River Park; his marker is located on the southwest corner of the cemetery.

The cemetery contains the gravesites of several civil war veterans, with their gravesites being marked with CSA headstones. There are many of the grave markers that date back to the 1800’s. Young children’s resting places are marked with tiny angels, their wings now worn from time and the acts of vandals. Some of the grave sites are above ground crypts, an effort to preserve the sites is ongoing and some have been restored. Many more gravesites are unmarked, and efforts to identify them are being made.

There is a walkway that was recently added to the Westside of the cemetery, it provides access from the walking trail in the Dennis Freeman Memorial River Park into the historic cemetery. This walkway was constructed with the efforts of Mr. Glenn Price and many other wanting to preserve the history of the Cemetery. The walkway has a memorial marker and engraved plaque dedicating the walkway to Glenn Price. Several of the above ground tombs within the cemetery were also repaired. Those that have been repaired are at the top of the walkway and are members of the Goodwin family interred there. Elijah Price, the first Mayor of Logansport, and wife Eliza Hall Price’s final resting place are to the right of the walkway as you enter the cemetery from the River Park, they are the grandparents of Mr. Glenn Price.

If you have a family history story to be told or if you would like to make an endowment to the Historic Logansport City Cemetery please contact the Town of Logansport, there is much more work to be done within the Cemetery to honor those that are buried here and your support and help would be much appreciated. Those interested in a listing of the identified gravesites with additional known information can access the document here Historic Logansport Cemetery Names and Dates. A history of the families within the cemetery will be added as we continue to preserve the stories of the founding families of the Town of Logansport and its surrounding communities. At present, the Town of Logansport is attempting to have this Historic Cemetery recognized as a Historical Site, if you are interested in joining this community effort please contact the Town of Logansport.

The cemetery is maintained by the Town of Logansport.

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