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The Logansport Town Council, Mayor Katherine Freeman, DeSoto Parish Police Jurors and all that love and treasure Mr. Glenn Crockett Price came together in the Dennis Freeman Memorial River Park to honor him. “Glenn Price Day” was declared in Logansport on April 9, 2011 and the official proclamation was read by Mayor Katherine Freeman. DeSoto Parish Police Jurors also honored Glenn Price with a proclamation for the momentous occasion. A monument with an inscription memorializing the occasion has been placed next to the walkway from the River Park walking trail up into the Historic Logansport City Cemetery. This site was chosen because of Glen Prices’ personal involvement with the restoration of the above ground tombs within the park and the establishment of the walkway into the cemetery.

Glenn Crockett Price is a noted Historian and author with many Civil War and history stories to relate. He was born in Logansport, Louisiana. His parents Captain Elijah Earnest Price and wife Annie Cecil Polk Price are descendants of some of the founding families of Logansport. Elijah Earnest Price was the captain of the Maud Howell, a Riverboat that carried goods to many of the ports up and down the Sabine River, and now rests on the bottom of the very river it sailed. Their home was on Second Street along the river and today is again home to Price descendants, Mary Mac and Tom Thompson.

Glenn was educated in the Logansport School system and graduated in the Logansport High School Class of 1941. He served in the Army Air Force during World War II. After the war he returned to Logansport and remained here for several years.

Glenn married the love of his life, the late Betty Register and has three children, Glenn, Ann, Sue and two grandchildren, Jimmy and Rebecca. Glenn received engineering training and worked for North American Aviation, which later became Rockwell. Here he worked on experimental aircraft. Later both he and his wife Betty worked within the NASA program on the design of the first Apollo Space Ship, the Skylab and Shuttle programs. Upon retirement in 1989, the Prices returned to the Bethel community near the Town of Logansport, and Glenn still lives in the family home there.

With such a varied life experience, he put his abilities and interest to valuable use. In great demand as a speaker, both in school classrooms and organizational meeting, Glen always was gracious to accept. He began writing weekly articles on Logansport and DeSoto Parish history for The Enterprise. Many of these stories appear in two of his books both called FOUNDERS AND SCOUNDRELS, “The History of a Town” and “Around the Town”.

Mr. Price has an extensive collection of Logansport history, old maps, pictures, ancient cotton ledgers, and books that he has begun to donate to the DeSoto Parish Library -Logansport Branch where they are to remain. The dioramas he built of scenes from our town of yesteryear were donated to the Town of Logansport’s City Hall, and are proudly displayed there so that all can enjoy them. Glenn wants to insure that his works of a lifetime will keep History alive and be enjoyed by all of DeSoto Parish and the town he calls home for generations to come.

This “young man”, who just celebrated his 90th birthday, continues to contribute his services to the many organizations and committees he volunteers on. While serving on the DeSoto Parish Tourist Commission Board of Directors he secured funds to repair some of the decaying above ground tombs in the Historic Logansport City Cemetery and he helped with the building of the walkway into the historical cemetery, which will be dedicated to him. He was also instrumental in getting recognition and the reclamation of the Ferguson Cemetery where Moses Rose is buried. He was a part of the re-marking of the gravesite for Moses Rose.

Glenn is the author of two books, “FOUNDERS and SCOUNDRELS - HISTORY OF A TOWN and FOUNDERS and SCOUNDRELS – AROUND THE TOWN”. Glen Price day was held in conjunction with the parish wide Open House sponsored by the DeSoto Parish Tourist Bureau, commemorating Louisiana’s Sesquicentennial of the Civil War…..featuring Civil War Homes, churches, cemeteries and museums on Saturday, April 09, 2011. The Historic Logansport City Cemetery contains many Civil War Veterans final resting sites.


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