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APRIL 23, 2024 

The regular monthly meeting of the Logansport Town Council was held Tuesday, April 23, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber of the Logansport Town Hall with Mayor Judge Cordray presiding. Council members present: Katherine Freeman, Pam Thomas, Anthony Wilson and Zach Bossier. Seven guest were present.

The meeting was opened with the Lord’s Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.

With a motion from Mr. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Bossier the March minutes were approved. All ayes. One absent.

The monthly bills were approved with a motion by Mrs. Freeman and seconded by Mrs. Thomas. All ayes. One absent.

Kathi Wells reported on activities to held at River City Festival in May and asked the council for help with the fireworks. With a motion from Mr. Bossier and second from Mrs. Thomas it was agreed to help with the fireworks. All ayes. One absent.

Jimmy Evans asked the council if there was any way we could change 3rd street between Hwy 84 and Main Street to one way. It was discussed and decided to look at other ways parking could be improved at Swamp Water Flea Market.

Tammy Timmons presented the council with information on purchasing a new printer for the office, one that was updated. With a motion from Mr. Bossier and seconded by Mrs. Thomas It was agreed to purchase new printer. All ayes. One absent.

Mayor Cordray reported rotten boards at the boardwalk would be replaced in the next few weeks. Bossier Estates was up and running. Water meters are currently being installed and would take two months to install all of them. The Easter drop was a huge success. The Desoto Tourist Bureau would be installing 3-sided kiosk in downtown Logansport near visitor parking and maybe one on the riverfront. Pictures for the Community Center are being printed and should be up in about two weeks. We are having a great turnout for usage of the Community Center. Mayor Cordray complimented Teri Hamon and Vanessa Guzman on the great job they are doing on decorating the windows at the Community Center.

With no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned with a motion from Mr. Bossier and seconded by Mrs. Thomas. All ayes. One absent.



Judge Cordray, Mayor

Tammy Timmons, TownClerk


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