Logansport Years Gone By

There are so many stories that are no longer told, the stories of the generation that lived through the days of the wagon trains, river boats, the coming of the railroads, the days of the small town railroad depots and passenger trains, the last cattle drives, the cotton gins, the first automobiles, the depression years, the orphan trains, the many wars and on and on. Our town has a colorful, vibrant past, evidenced by the many tales passed from generation to generation. There was a time when our main street was filled with crowds of people, shopping in the many Main Street shops and those that lined our side streets, and people gathered in the streets to celebrate together. With the change of time also comes change within a town. Many of our building are no longer occupied by the family stores so vital to a town’s existence and the community surrounding it. As a town we have a vision of a future yet to be realized the Town of Logansport continues to work to invite new businesses to be a part of the new change we are experiencing. We invite you to visit our town pictorial by visiting the “Logansport Years Gone By” Photo Gallery.

If you have photos or items of interest pertaining to the history of the Town of Logansport please contact our town. Items donated will be made available to the public through display.