Current Town Projects

Highway 84 East West Bridge Construction

  • The construction of the new East Bound Bridge at Logansport is scheduled to begin in 2014. The State of Louisiana has entered into negotiations with the property owners affected by the routing of the connecting highway. The Eastbound Highway will follow a route just north of the existing railroad tracks. Several of the existing buildings that are north of the tracks will be removed to make way for the new highway. Some of the businesses that are located along the route will need to relocate and some will just make moves, but remain at their present site locations, to accommodate the route the road will need to follow.
  • Having anticipated the need to have additional business property locations available for any displaced existing businesses and to encourage new business to locate along the highway corridor, the Town of Logansport, with much foresight rezoned Highway 5 sections to allow for commercial use of the properties along Highway 5.
  • The 2nd Street crossing of the railroad tracks will be closed in the future.
  • 3rd Street will be opened as a Railroad track crossing into the residential area south of the railroad tracks.
  • It is planned that the intersection of Hwy. 84 and the Marshall highway will be re-worked to accommodate the large number of truck traffic using the corridor heading north and south into the residential areas there.