Fire Department

DeSoto Fire District No.1 – Logansport, La.

The Town of Logansport is very proud of DeSoto Fire District No. 1. The station house is located on Hwy 764 - 300 Marshall Rd. just a short drive from Main Street (Hwy. 84) in Logansport.

Fire Chief Jack Canton has served thirty-six years as the leader of District No.1. During his time as Logansport’s Fire Chief, he also worked as the Louisiana State Coordinator as an instructor of fire training. His duties included training throughout the State of Louisiana, Texas and once in Utah. He retired from his LSU duties in May of 2010. He considers the accomplishment of attaining a Town Class 3 rating by the members of the fire district one of its greatest achievements. This has resulted in considerable savings to the businesses and residents of the Logansport community on insurance premium paid for Homeowner and property insurance.

Deputy Chief David Graves serves as the company leader when needed. There are 8 paid firemen and 35 volunteer firemen serving the community surrounding the Town of Logansport. Fire District #1 has 15 trucks and two fire command vehicles stationed within its coverage area. It comprises approximately 100 square miles, there are three sub-stations within the District, Bethel Community, Cool Springs Community and Longstreet Community.

DeSoto Fire District No. 1 holds weekly training meetings for all of its paid and volunteer members. Some of the classes are at the local fire district station and some at other fire districts. To become a paid firefighter there are schooling and training requirements, including, but not limited to HZMAT awareness and HZMAT operations. The applicant then must test through LSU and pass. Safety and continuing education is provided within the Fire District and members are for attaining additional established goals.

Equipped with a Telecorder, the fire district can record all call traffic to expedite their reports for any calls they respond to. They have a thermal imaging camera to identify hot spots at the site of fires that they are called on to fight. Thanks to a gift of a grant, given by BP America Products, they have been able to purchase much needed MSA gas monitors and calibrators. Logansport District #1 was able to share the grant with all other DeSoto Parish District firehouses, DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s office, and the DeSoto EMS Districts within the parish. They also gave them to other Fire Districts in Flatwoods, La. and in Joaquin, Texas. These MSA gas monitors and calibrators can be lifesavers when they responded to any calls regarding gas leaks or fires.

Homeland Security provided a grant that allowed DeSoto Fire District No.1 to purchase a Dive Barge and Trailer. The Dive Barge contains underwater communication equipment which allows communication with divers underwater and allows the divers to speak with each other during a dive. Homeland Security has just provided another grant which will allow the purchase of additional dive equipment for the team. The new equipment will be dry suits for cold water diving, additional tanks and other necessary items.

Because of the proximity to the Toledo Bend Reservoir and its murky Sabine River waters, this ability increases the safety of the members of the Toledo Bend Search & Rescue Team. The Toledo Bend Search & Rescue Team is a volunteer group of divers. To be a part of the team each member completed required classroom of approximately sixteen hours. Open water, advanced open water search & rescue with emphasis on search patterns for recovery of victims and recovery of property training and public service training. Anyone can join the Toledo Bend Search and Recovery Dive Team by completing all of the required classes, but most of its members are area firefighters and members of the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Department from throughout the Parish and its surrounding communities. Their most recent recovery involved recovery of an Oil & Gas airboat that was lost under water. Fees are only charged in the event of property recovery.

Each of DeSoto Parish’s Fire Districts is the home to a group of specialty trained members.

  • Fire District 8’s is High Angle Rescue, with an expertise to “Hoist & Haul” rescue. Due to the Haynesville Shale and the large number of towering gas rigs located throughout the parish, this ability is a much needed asset to the workers of the communities.
  • Stonewall’s Fire District specializes in De Con cleanup.
  • Keithville’s Fire District has the first Compressed Air Foam unit in the area.

Wish List

DeSoto Fire District No. 1 is grateful to all of the companies that have so generously donated or provided grants that have allowed them to purchase safety equipment for the fire department. One of the items on its immediate wish-list is a Compressed Air Foam System. This is a water pumping system that allows compressed air to be added to a foam solution to generate foam. The air compressor also provides energy, which, gallon for gallon, propels compressed air foam farther than standard or aspirated water nozzles. It is proven that CAFS provide firefighters with the ability to attack the fire triangle from all three sides simultaneously. The foam blankets the fuel, reducing the fuel’s source of oxygen. Because the foam will adhere to structure, ceilings and walls, it aids in the rapid reduction of heat. This much desired unit could mean the added safety of all firefighters and reduction of property loss.


Every Thursday night, anyone wanting a fun night is invited to the firehouse for a “Numbered” good time. The requirements to play bingo are: show up and bring money. The doors open at 6:30 P.M. so that cards and daubers can be purchased. Bingo play begins at 7:00 and will continue until done, usually around 9:15 P.M. Ken Hendrickson has been the numbers caller since the inception. Fire Chief Jack Canton is your chef for the evening, serving his famous grilled chicken quarters, hamburgers, hot dogs, hot links, baked potatoes, nachos, and popcorn. Chips, candy and soft drinks are also available. The Bingo proceeds are used to purchase equipment for the firehouse, volunteer shirts and jackets and are a much appreciated additional source of funds to the firehouse. Bingo is regulated by the Louisiana Gaming Authority through the State of Louisiana.

Contact DeSoto Fire District No. 1

300 Marshall Rd.
Logansport, La. 71049

(318) 697-5150