Historic Committee

The Town of Logansport has many historic buildings and grand old homes within its corporate limits. The town is so rich in history, with buildings over 100 years old. The Historic Logansport City Cemetery with early graves dating to the mid 1800’s and containing many Civil War Veterans gravesites and unique shell covered graves and above ground tombs is also within the Town’s Main Street District. With these structures and locations in mind, a Historic designation is being sought for the Town of Logansport and its Main Street District.

The Town of Logansport has just begun its efforts to have the Main Street district designated as a Historic District. If you would like to be involved in the work of achieving this designation we are looking for volunteers to help. Please contact us at the Town of Logansport.


  • Mary Thompson
  • John Russell
  • Jean Border
  • Frances Freeman 
  • Clay Clark
  • Mark Price
  • Janet Palmer
  • Martha Sampson