Beautification Committee

The Town of Logansport Established a Downtown Beautification Committee in June of 2005 consisting of 12 individuals of varying backgrounds that all had a common interest in the betterment and beatification of Logansport. The main priority of the committee is seeing the historic Town of Logansport revitalized into a premiere gateway community for the State of Louisiana.

Realizing the existing resources currently available to Logansport, the Committee began researching opportunities to spark economic growth within the historic downtown commercial district. An immediate opportunity was realized as plans for widening U.S. Hwy. 84 from Texas into Louisiana through Logansport began to accelerate. Currently, it is estimated that the widening project will begin by 2012 including an additional bridge crossing the Sabine River and two new east bound lanes that will traverse through downtown Logansport. The two new lanes will be just south of the existing two lane U.S. Hwy 84 that will be converted into two west bound lanes. The Highway widening project will not only enhance the appearance of Logansport but it will make this route dependable and easy for travelers.

Armed with this information, the committee decided to develop a Master Plan that could be used to educate the public on the positives and potentials for economic growth within Logansport. This Plan would also be an invaluable resource for the solicitation and request for Government assistance through different grant programs, private donations, and economic development loans through public or private lending institutions.

The initial focus of improvements is within the Main Street area and includes a combination of transportation, landscaping, and building improvements. Once construction on the new east bound lanes of U.S. Hwy 84 are complete, the committee will focus on betterments south of Main Street.

The consulting firm on the development of the Master Plan on Downtown Logansport was Balar Engineers & Surveyors.

Committee Members

  • Norman Arbuckle
  • Jeannine Arbuckle
  • Doug Guillotte
  • Phil Joiner
  • Janet Palmer
  • John Russell
  • Sharon Stewart
  • Chris Lilley
  • Mary Mac Thompson
  • Rex Clark