Water Sports

TubingSummertime in Logansport, Louisiana cannot help but include fun on the Sabine River and the Toledo Bend Reservoir. The Town of Logansport is the only community in DeSoto Parish with a River Front. The river provides area residents and visitors with a great opportunity to get out on the river and entertain the family and friends with all sorts of fun water sports. With a convenient boat launch located within the Town’s River Park it is an easy place to launch your boat and have some river fun.

Boats of all kinds travel the river looking for the best place to land and play along the banks; many areas have sandy white beaches. Kids laughing and shouting can be heard as they are pulled on tubes or skis behind the boats or while jumping wakes on jet skis. Boating of all kinds, party barges, canoes, fishing boats, speed boats with big rooster tails trailing behind are all present during the summer time on the river in Logansport.

Come to Logansport, Louisiana, picnic in the River Park or along the banks of the Sabine on a white sandy beach. Make a memory with your family!

Water SportsWater SportsWater SportsWater Sports