River Stage

River Stage with flowering trees in the springtime

The River Stage over the Sabine River - DeSoto Parish - Logansport, La. 

Logansport’s River Stage is completed.  The River Stage began as a need for a community venue to reach out and involve the residents and visitors in planned events on the riverfront. With seed money in the amount of $150,000 given to the Town of Logansport by the DeSoto Parish Police Jury the process of designing and building the Riverfront Stage began. The actual construction of the stage foundation began in 2009, with the driving of the pilings into the Sabine River bed near the rivers’ edge. The stage is located over the Sabine River at the northwestern corner of the Dennis Freeman Memorial River Park. When the Sabine River unleashed its mighty waters, to remind us of floods, of yesteryear it was quickly realized that the original height of the River Stage floor needed to be raised. With great relief the pilings survived one of the worst floods, locally, in a very long time. When the flood waters receded work began again on the River Stage and the flooring was raised to a higher level. In February 2011 the roof for the River Stage arrived at the riverfront and created quite a stir around Logansport. The roof trusses were massive, each weighing in excess of 6500 lbs. Watching the installation crew unloading and moving these immense structures through the playground area and down the hill was a sight to behold, and a credit to the crew that accomplished it. Over the next several days the crew worked to prepare the stage building for the placement of the roof trusses. With everything leveled and additional supports in place the task of hoisting each individual truss into the air and then placed accurately atop its needed supports was accomplished with the use of an extremely large crane. In a little more than a week the trusses were all securely in their places atop the River Stage. The decking has now been added to the rooftop. The crowning glory was the installation of the Copper colored metal sheeting installed atop the decking.  With the sunlight reflected from the new roof, the River Stage is indeed Logansport's newest jewel over the Sabine River.  

The River Stage will give the Town of Logansport’s residents and visitors a place to experience performances by bands, movie viewings, pageants, gospel singings and many more events, yet to be planned. It all began with a vision and a gift to The Town of Logansport, which added additional monies and will be enjoyed by all of the residents of DeSoto Parish and surrounding communities.

The River Stage is already attracting national attention to DeSoto Parish and Logansport, Louisiana.  It is the destination of the Louisiana competitors in the Texaco Country Showdown - Louisiana State Finals - Music and Art Show!  The show will be held on October 15, 2011. For more information on this event see Texaco Country Showdown - Louisiana State Finals - Music and Art Show and is the home of the Texaco Country Showdown Southeast Regional Finals 2011.

To see the River Stage as it was being built and its progression please visit the River Stage photo gallery.  Here you will also find additional photos of events held on the River Stage.

For more information on the River Stage please contact the Town of Logansport 318-697-5359 or townoflogansport@bellsouth.net.

Dennis Freeman Memorial River Park
102 Veteran's Park Memorial Drive
Logansport, La. 71049
DeSoto Parish Louisiana