God's Food Pantry

God’s Food Pantry was established in 2000. Several members of the community realized the need of help for people on limited incomes within the area. One of the pastors of the Bethel United Methodist Church, Frances Freeman and Katherine Freeman, wife of the late Mayor Dennis Freemen, (deceased), went to Northwest Food Bank of Louisiana and completed a request for the location of a food bank in Logansport. Bethel Church partnered with the Town of Logansport in establishing a food distribution center in one of the town owned buildings.

With the assistance of donations of freezers, refrigerators, furniture and money from citizens, churches, and the town, the food bank was able to begin operation. It has continued in operation since the year 2000.

God’s Pantry serves an average of 250 families each month. The average cost of one box of food if purchased at a grocery store would be $75.00; for larger families the cost would be at least $100.00 Food is ordered from Northwest Food Bank each month by Mrs. Sue Fields. Mike Fields collects boxes weekly and delivers them, ready to be filled. Ms. Bobbie Childress organizes the building and gets it ready for food delivery. The Food Bank received its food from the USDA and the State of Louisiana “Lagniappe”. There is no charge to our local pantry for most items; there is a charge for transporting the food to Logansport. Some specialty items are ordered that have to be paid for. Also, on holidays the pantry buys hams or turkeys from local grocery stores to add to the boxes. Food and cash is also received from food drives at the schools, library cans for fines, churches, and local and parish businesses. In fact, one Stanley School student collected food items for his senior project and donated it to God’s Food Pantry.

There are many more people involved in the process before the food actually gets to the families. The third Tuesday of each month the Northwest Food Bank truck arrives with many cases of food. The DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Department sends several volunteer trustees to unload and stack the food in the Pantry building. Many (mostly Sr. citizens) volunteer and begin filling the boxes. Food delivery begins on Wed. There are ten different teams (some of whom are church youth) that deliver to shut-ins or those not having transportation. Those who give out food or do deliveries to homes receive the greatest blessings!

The pantry is open to the registered recipients the third Thursday of each month for food pickup. God’s Pantry also has boxes available in cases of emergency need.


Sue Fields
(318) 697-4089

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