July 4th Celebration

Red, White, and Blue!

The adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, and the declaration of our Independence by the United States from Great Britain is a day of celebration throughout the United States. Generally regarded as America’s birthday, July 4, has been a federally recognized holiday since 1870 and federal workers started receiving holiday pay in 1941 for Independence Day.

The colors of the day are red, white and blue from T-shirts to shorts and sandals, hats and umbrellas. Although most Americans respect the guidelines set forth in regards to the flag not being worn as an item of clothing, Americans do like to dress in the patriotic colors on America’s birthday.

Every year in the United States, we still celebrate that independence with parades, festivals, barbecues, fireworks and picnics, and in Logansport it also means a day on the Sabine River or in the Dennis Freeman Memorial River Park and free dis-organized doo dah parade.  For more information please check our Town of Logansport Calendar. The magnificent display of the red, white, and blue fireworks bursting in the late night sky on the Fourth of July over the Sabine River and the flags waving over our River Front remind us why we are celebrating. Our freedom today is because of all the brave souls who came before us who risked their lives and the many that paid with their lives in order that we may enjoy enduring freedom.

Each year the DeSoto Fire District No.1 sponsors the fireworks display for the July 4th celebration held on the banks of the River Park. The celebration on the riverbanks of the Sabine draws spectators from throughout DeSoto Parish and its many communities, Shreveport, and communities to the west in Texas. Without a doubt this is the best free fireworks show over the Sabine River in DeSoto Parish. Come spend the day with us, picnic in the park, cruise the river, and stay for the evening show. Don’t go home till we turn out the lights!

The fireworks display is paid for by DeSoto Fire District No. 1 through the weekly games of Bingo held each week at the Logansport District Station. Proceeds from Bingo and food sales purchase the fireworks for the event.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring or making a contribution to the cost of the fireworks display please contact DeSoto Fire District No.1 for more information.