Area Events

Mardi Gras Ball

Each year, a Mardi Gras Ball is held to honor the King and Queen, members, and sponsors and features live entertainment. Tickets to the ball are available for purchase by contacting one of the RCEPC members. Learn more about the Mardi Gras Ball.

Mardi Gras Parade

The show is free and you get to pick out your choice of viewing area. A great time for all and lots of “THROW ME SOMETHING MISTER” is the call of the night as beads and trinkets are tossed to the onlookers.  Learn more about the Mardi Gras Parade.

Sand Bass Tournament

The Logansport Chamber of Commerce’s Sand Bass Tournament is an annual event for the Town of Logansport. The tournament is held on the Sabine River at the beginning of The Toledo Bend Reservoir.

The prize for the first place team in March 2011 was $10,000.00, in addition, the Chamber also paid over $2500.00 to the lucky angler that reeled in the single largest Sand Bass for the day, with a paid entry into the Biggest Sand Bass Contest. Learn more about the Sand Bass Tournament.

River City Fest

The River City Fest is held on the banks of the Sabine River in the Dennis Freeman Riverfront Memorial Park during the first weekend of May.  Learn more about the River City Fest

July 4th Celebration

Without a doubt this is the best free fireworks show over the Sabine River in DeSoto Parish. Come spend the day with us, picnic in the park, cruise the river, and stay for the evening show. Don’t go home till we turn out the lights! Learn more about the July 4th Celebration

Logansport Christmas Festival and Parade

To learn more about our Logansport Christmas Festivities including the Christmas Parade with beautifully decorated vehicles and the early arrival of Santa Claus to our town please see the Logansport Christmas Festival page.