Downtown Master Plan

Beginning in June of 2005 a group of 12 individuals of varying backgrounds that all had a common interest in the betterment and beautification of Logansport decided to develop a Master Plan that could be used to educate the public on the positives and potentials for economic growth within Logansport. This plan would be an invaluable resource for the solicitation and request for Government assistance through different grant programs, private donations, and economic development loans through public or private lending institutions.

Balar Associates, Inc. was contracted by the Town of Logansport to provide a Master Plan for downtown infrastructure improvements. Specifically, the report will focus on the area along U.S. Highway 84 between South 4th Street and the Sabine River.

The Master Plan includes an assessment of existing conditions, and evaluation of alternatives for addressing identified deficiencies and /or implementing desired improvements. Preparation of associated estimates of probable construction/project costs for selected alternatives was also included. Input from the Beautification Committee was collected to develop a feasible, cst-effective plan for addressing infrastructure improvements. Potential funding sources that may be utilized to finance phased development of the project will also able to be identified. All efforts would coordinate and interface with other projects that will directly impact the downtown area including the upcoming LDOTD/TXDOT highway improvements.